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Акция! Нотариальное заверение от 890 тг


Мы в Алмате

Мы в г. Алматы
ул Желтоксан 35/46, офис 33


Мы в Астане

Мы в г. Нур-Султан
ул. Мәнгілік ел 29/2

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СКИДКА!  Нотариальное заверение перевода от 890 тенге/документ


   Providing professional and high quality translation services has been the main “KazTranslate” agency’s objective since its foundation.

   The samples of translation made into popular languages (English, Chinese, Turkish, Kazakh, French) can be found on our “Portfolio” page. Testing translation into other languages can be also provided.

   Our agency will be happy to take comprehensive approach to the individual accompanying, operational efficiency and high quality level of our translation services. A flexible  discount system is available for our customers. Information confidentiality is guaranteed by our agency. 








Making order is very simple. 


  • You can use our on-line calculator to define the price or chose an easier way and send us the order by mail so that we can calculate the price.
  • Telephone : 8 (727) 317-17-68; 8 (727) 317-17-78; 8 (747) 317-17-78 (Tele2)
  • Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Address: Almaty city, 35 Zheltoksan st., suite No. 33 (at the corner of Zheltoksan and Mametova st.)






050000, Almaty

Zheltoksan Street, 35, corner Mametova Street

Office № 33

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